Croatian resorts on the Adriatic coast are not only big towns, such as Dubrovnik or Split, but also nice small villages, such as Mlini. The camera is installed next to the port of the resort, where boats and small yachts are moored.

We are looking at the pier and the waterfront from Hogar Cafe. In addition to it, there are a dozen different restaurants and cafes, such as Konoba Lanterna Cafe, Gusar Bar, and Puntizela Restaurant right on the waterfront. Since the village is very small, the guests of the resort can stay right by the water, the prices are not much higher than in the hotels remote from the beach. Vacationers choose accommodation options closer to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, if they come to the resort with a tent or in a motor home, such as Camping Kate.

Well, if you want to relax with maximum comfort, then consider the options of nearby hotels. In each of them, you can take rooms with the same view of the sea as is shown by this camera. At the height of the season, hotels like Hotel Mlini or Resort Astarea offer double rooms from 160 euros per night.

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