One of the largest resorts of the Croatian island Pašman is located on the northeast coast. A camera on the waterfront shows a parking lot and a marina where local residents’ boats and yachts of the resort guests moor.

Pašman is one of the closest resorts to the mainland, so it is very popular among travelers. It can be reached by ferries, which run between Biograd na Moru and Tkon.

In Pašman, you can find several ancient architectural sights, including the church of St. Mary, built in the northwestern part of the village.

Tourists stay in private apartments as there are no large hotels in the resort of Pašman. Next to the marina, which you see on the screen, you can always try fish dishes. Or you can rent a motor boat, at a price of 120 euros per day (in low season). This is a great option for a big company.

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