Pula. Temple of Augustus

Another camera is in Pula, a Croatian resort at the Adriatic Sea. The camera is installed on Forum Square, right in front of the famous Temple of Augustus . This Roman temple in the center of the town was built at the turn of the millennium, during the reign of Octavian Augustus.

The design has many classic Roman elements. In the image, we can see tall columns and the stairs at the entrance to the temple. It has an oblong shape with dimensions of 8 by 17 meters. In contrast to the similar construction in France, Maison Carrée, the Temple of Augustus has a beautiful frieze.

Above the entrance to the temple, there used to be the inscription “In honor of Rome and Augustus Caesar, son of the deified, father of his country,” but today, there are only holes from the destroyed letters.

During the Second World War, the Temple of August was attacked by Allied forces, but in 1947, it was rebuilt and is now one of the main attractions of the town.

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