Punat. Tourist Center of the City

The sea resorts of the Croatian islands have both noisy places for young people and quiet places suitable for family holidays. If you are interested in the first option, you should stay in the largest cities of the island. The island of Krk has a city of the same name, located on the southern coast. We are in the center of the resort of Punat, a Croatian resort located next to Krk.
The camera is installed in the building of the tourist center, where travelers can find detailed information about the island of Krk, as well as about other tourist places in Croatia. The information desk is located almost at the sea, so tourists can easily find this place.
As you can see, the resort has good infrastructure and amenities. In the background, we can see a small square, as well as footpaths, neat lawns, and summer verandas of local cafes. There are several hotels and campgrounds, such as Falkensteiner Hotel Park and Hotel Omorika near the tourist center.

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