Rijeka. Croatian National Theater named after Ivan Zajc

When we are looking at the theater park and buildings around it, it seems that we are in one of the European capitals. But this impression is deceptive because only a couple of hundred meters from this webcam is the shore of the Adriatic Sea. Yes, we are in the Croatian resort of Rijeka.

It’s more surprising to not see a luxury hotel for tourists here, but the Croatian National Theater named after Ivan Zajc, which is a cultural asset of the country and just a beautiful building. The theater was named after the famous Croatian composer, a native of Rijeka.

The first theater appeared a hundred years before the construction of the modern building. In 1883, the authorities of Rijeka decided to renew the old theater, and two years later, a new architectural dominant appeared in the city. At the beginning of the last century, the theater was named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. Its current name was given to the theater in 1953.

In addition to the theater and the park in front of it, we can see the streets, the nearest of which is also named after the famous Croatian composer.

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