Tribunj. Market Square

In the summer months, Croatian resorts on the Adriatic Sea are overcrowded. Therefore, it is not surprising that an increasing number of tourists prefer to holiday in small coastal villages, which are not as popular with holidaymakers as, for example, Vodice or Sibenik. These famous Croatian cities have not been mentioned accidentally, they are located next to the Tribunj, which you see on your screen.

The camera on the seaside promenade shows us the pier, one of the parking lots, a small island in the bay, as well as the Market Square right on the Adriatic Sea coast.

One of the most recognizable places in Tribunj is the island, which is built up with cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and houses, most of which are rented out in the summer months. This island is represented in almost all souvenirs, as well as on your screen.

Countless boats along the embankment of Tribunj belong not only to private owners, but also to rental offices, so that anyone can go on a cruise on a rented boat. You can become the owner of a motor boat for 750 euros a week.

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