Tallinn. Tallinn International Airport named after Lennart Meri

Near the airport of the capital of Estonia, we can see how the old Soviet buildings are being replaced by modern shopping and business centers with large parking lots. A few years ago, dilapidated warehouses and hangars used to be on the site of the13-storey buildings of Öpiku (it is on the left) and Alexandre Liwentaal (on the right). A multi-level parking lot will be built between them.

Tallinn International Airport, named after Lennart Meri, is built in a picturesque place on the shore of Lake Ülemiste, to the southeast of the center of Tallinn. It was opened in 1936. Earlier, Lasnamäe Airfield was situated in the area of Lake Iulemiste and was the base of the Aeronaut Airlines.

In the Soviet years, Tallinn Airport was served only by the Aeroflot. The modern terminal was built in 1980. In 2012, a new hangar was built, which increased the passenger traffic to 2 million people per year.

The terminal of the Tallinn Airport has significantly changed after the reconstruction in 2006-2008. The number of check-in counters increased, and the exterior changed. The airport got its name after the Estonian president, Lennart Meri. It was renamed in 2009.

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