Jussarö. North Coast of the Island

The island of Jussarö, better known as the “Jussarö Lighthouse,” is located in the south of Finland on the Gulf of Finland. Until 1967, an iron ore mine had worked here, but after its exhaustion, it was closed. With the departure of miners, all the settlements on the island became extinct; at the moment, Jussarö is known as the only ghost town in the country.

But, do not be alarmed if you see people on your screen, the camera is installed near the northern coast of the Östersundt strait, not far from the pier where yachts and boats of Finnish tourists moor. On the shore is a cozy cafe for guests, and there are also hiking trails on the island.

Now, most of the territory of Jussarö is occupied by the National Park of Ekenes Shergords. Tourists can come here by car and use of the ferry; on the island, there are several roads connecting the main buildings.

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