Vagère is one of the many ski areas in the ski resort of Les Arcs. The elevation difference between the upper and lower stations of the Vagère lift is 570 meters. The six-seater chairlift is capable of carrying up to 3,000 tourists per hour. A distance of 2,121 meters pass in 8 minutes. The funicular was built in 2002.

In addition to simple ski slopes, Vagère also offers summer activities, such as tennis courts, outdoor pools, a golf course, and other areas.

The camera also shows the magnificent Vagère hotels, which are literally built into the existing landscape. The buildings are constructed in a cascade right on the mountainside, so that the buildings closest to the station have only a couple of floors, and the hotel Résidence Nova has a height of several floors down the slope.

Vagère has all the necessary infrastructure for recreation — restaurants and supermarkets, sports shops, and sports equipment rental.

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