Bayerisch Eisenstein. Thurnhofhang Training Trail

This is the northernmost zone of the Bayerisch-Eisenstein ski resort. Thurnhofhang is separated from the main routes, so skiers won’t disturb you.

Thurnhofhang is also a family cross-park. Here you can safely ride with children, using a special conveyor lift, as well as perform simple tricks on mini-jumps.

Berghaus Sonnefels, a German restaurant, is near the lower station of Thurnhofhang. All the main hotels of the resort are there, such as Arber Alm or Sporthotel Brennes.

A visit to the children’s area is a bit cheaper than a ski pass to the main lifts of the resort. A Kinderland ticket costs € 20 and an Arber ticket costs € 33.

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