Bensersiel. Resort Panorama

Northern seaside resorts of Europe have fine weather just a couple of months a year, however, tourists come to the shores of the North Sea all year round. After all, in addition to swimming here, you can sail along the coast on a yacht or just enjoy the magnificent nature and clean sea air.

The resort that you see on the screen is popular with Germans living in Bremen and Hamburg. These two major cities are not far from Bensersiel, so their inhabitants can reach the coast in a matter of hours. This panoramic camera is installed in Hotel Aquantis, near the channel Benser Tief.

Like other German resorts of the North Sea, Bensersiel has a large sandy beach. The harbor you see on the screen used to be an important component in the economy of the village, when local fishermen moored their schooners here. Now, luxury yachts and small pleasure boats are on the banks of the channel instead.

A large tourist center, with sports fields and both indoor and outdoor pools, is built right by the sea. Every year, more than 130,000 tourists come to Bensersiel. Most of them are residents of different cities of Germany.

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