The holiday season on the North Sea lasts only a couple of months, so Europeans do not have much time to enjoy the good weather of the coastal cities. We are in the north of Germany, in the town of Harlesil. There is a large beach and a camping town in which travelers are accommodated in tents or motorhomes. If you are watching the broadcast during the summer months, you will surely think that all the owners of mobile homes in the country have gathered at the beach of Harlesil.

In order to attract tourists at the beginning and end of summer, a pool with sea water was opened in Harlesil. This webcam is installed there. Meerwasserfreibad welcomed its first guests in 1959. In nine years, they began to heat the sea water in the pool, which made it possible to attract even more tourists, including those with children.

That pool has become a powerful impetus to the development of the village. Since 1959, the local population has increased 10 times, and the number of tourists since the middle of the last century has increased 50 times! Today, about 5,000 travelers come to Harlesiel annually.

From the port of Harlesil, located next to the pool, you can go on a short boat trip to the nearby islands — Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, etc.

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