Schillig. Coast of the Resort

Schillig is one of the many resorts of the northern German town of Wangerland. On the coast of the North Sea, in the surrounding areas, there are several accommodation options, such as Hooksiel or Horumersiel. But for now, our attention is focused on the coastal zone of Schillig, where hotels, restaurants and Campingplatz Schillig, a large camping area, are built.

The swivel camera shows us the green lawns of the resort, as well as its sandy beach. To the south, we can see the camping grounds, which is more like a giant parking lot because most holidaymakers spend the night in their own houses on wheels, rather than in tents or guest bungalows.

Classic German kiosks, made in a retro style, are waiting for tourists on the beach. Unlike modern chaise lounges, these kiosks not only help holidaymakers to comfortably settle on the beach but also decorate the beach.

Before the Second World War, about 1,000 tourists came to Shillig annually. Today, thanks to the huge camping area, the number of guests of the resort has increased ten times.

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