Cologne. Cologne / Bonn Airport. Parking Lot

This is another camera in Cologne airport. We are looking at Parkhaus 2 from the intermediate point between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The airport has two names: Cologne / Bonn (as it is between these two German cities) and Konrad Adenauer Airport.

Parkhaus 2 is one of the many parking options at the airport, which is constantly being completed and reconstructed. On the right side of the screen, we can see the exit of the airport, as well as Terminal 2. On the left side is multi-level parking with a circular lift to different floors.

The high-speed railway station, Cologne-Frankfurt, was commissioned in 2004 and the transport accessibility of the airport has improved significantly since then. You can see the roof of this station in the bottom on the left.

In 2016, Cologne / Bonn carried almost 12 million passengers, which became a record of all the years of the airport.

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