Cologne. Cologne / Bonn Airport. Terminal 1

We are located on the territory of a joint airport of two German cities, known as Konrad Adenauer Airport or simply Cologne / Bonn Airport. These cameras are located in Terminal 1. The building of the first terminal has unusual architecture and, in some way, looks like a pyramid.

Big transformations of Terminal 1 began in the 1970s. The construction of a connecting gateway between the airport and the railway station began in 2006. On July 23, 2009, a new supermarket with an area of 500 square meters was opened in departure zone C.

The first two cameras are directed towards the runway, and the third shows the planes and terminal of the logistics company FedEx. Terminal 1 operates two airlines — Tyrolean Airways and Germanwings. If the first company has only one flight to Vienna, Germanwings flies from Cologne to dozens of cities around the world.

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