Altstadt is the historic district of Munich, where there are monuments of medieval architecture. The history of the development of this area started in the twelfth century. Over the centuries, the buildings in this part of Munich have been destroyed and restored. The city suffered heavy losses during the Second World War.

We look at the historical center of the old town from the building of the department of public works, Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung. The domes of the Frauenkirche cathedral are well known to all tourists who have ever visited Munich; we can see them in the left part of the picture. In the center is famous City Hall on Marienplatz, the tower of the Catholic Church of St. Peter, and on the right is the clock on the building of Theresia Gerhardinger Gymnasium.

You should spend a whole day in Altstadt, if you come to this Bavarian city for a long time. There are well-known districts of the city, in each of which it is easy to find many attractions of Munich.

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