When it comes to resorts on the European islands, webcams are often installed on the coast in front of sandy beaches and embankments. But this camera on the German island of Föhr, which is located in the North Sea near the border with Denmark, shows us a stork nest in the Zoological Garden near the hotel, Villa Friede.

Villa Friede is not only a great place to spend the night in the town of Wyk auf Föhr, but also a historic building from the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel is designed in modern style. At first, this house was privately owned, but in the middle of the last century, it began to host tourists from all over Germany. Vacationers can enjoy a quiet homey atmosphere, as well as proximity to the beach and popular establishments of the resort.

The storks in the hotel’s garden are a Villa Friede distinctive feature. The birds were romantically named Romeo and Juliet. You have to pay 25 to 55 euros for watching them. Price depends on the season and the class of a room. Breakfast is included.

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