Athens. Paleo Faliro Beach

Greek resorts are mostly modest and not very large. Most of them are located on islands in small villages. We can see a rare picture on the screen. The wide and long beach of Paleo Faliro is located in the same suburb of Athens. The proximity to the capital makes this beach one of the most popular in the country. You can relax either on the sand and on the loungers in the shade of beach umbrellas.

At the bottom, you can see tram tracks. Paleo Faliro has excellent an transportation, so any tourist staying in Athens can come here quickly and inexpensively. On the left is one of several Paleo Faliro beach bars, where you can taste Mediterranean specialties and refreshments.

Along the beach is Poseidon Boulevard and the road of the same name. Parking near the beach is quite problematic, so it’s better to use public transport, like trams and buses. As you can see, the beach is separated from the noisy and dusty road by dense thickets of trees and tall bushes.

If you go along the beach to the northwest, you will find yourself on the largest playground of Athens in just a few minutes. So, Paleo Faliro can be called the perfect place for a family holiday.

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