The Greek islands seaport attracts tourists either from the mainland or from islands which have airports. We can see Batsi, a port of Andros. It is located on the west coast and is a marina for pleasure boats.

Andros is connected with Rafina, Syros, and Tinos by sea. They cross in Gavrio, located seven kilometers northwest of Batsi. There are several large resorts on the island, so tourists can make a route for a mini-trip around the island and see all its settlements and natural beauty during their holidays.

The port of Batsi has several public access piers, as well as piers for local fishermen. During a strong surf, the harbor can be hit by high waves, so don’t leave your boat here for a long time.

The following services are available for boat owners in the port:

  • parking;
  • refueling with fuel and wate;r
  • phone;
  • electricity connection;
  • grocery and restaurant;
  • ATM.

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