Ormylia. Panorama of the Town

We are on the mainland of Greece in Central Macedonia. The camera is installed near the town of Ormiliya. Experienced travelers know that, in such towns, you can see the real life of a particular country. The nearest resorts are crowded with tourists from different countries in the summer months (it’s only 7 kilometers from Ormylia to the Aegean Sea), but Ormylia is not as popular as the coastal Psakoudia or Paralia Vatopediou.

Excellent weather here is provided by the mountains, which surround Ormiliya on three sides. Additionally, clean sea air comes to the town from the Gulf of Kassandra. As you can see, the town is quite compact, so you can explore it on foot. In the suburbs, there are many interesting tourist routes along the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Ormylia was built on the site of the ancient Greek town Sirmili, which once opposed Athens but later joined the Greek army. Destroyed in the 4th century BC, Sermili got its second life, in hundreds of years, when the Kallipolis fortress was built nearby.

One of the main attractions of Ormylia is Greece’s largest female Annunciation Monastery. It takes about an hour to get to it.

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