Akranes. Panorama of the City

Despite the fact that Akranes is known as a port city, we are not looking at the coast. The camera is installed in front of the crossroads of Esjubraut and Dalbraut and directed to the southwest. In this area of Akranes there are garages and shops and several multistory buildings, which can be seen in the distance.

The city is built near Faxaflói Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, twenty kilometers from Reykjavik. Despite the fact that the population of Akranes is only 6,000 people, it is considered to be the leading fishing port so the economy is developing. People had inhabited these places at the end of the last millennium, before the first fishing village appeared there.

The only cement plant in the country is in Akranes, so the city is developing but not at the expense of fishing. In addition to the cement plant, there is a ferroalloy plant, a hydropower plant and a shipyard.

The underwater tunnel was built between Akranes and Reykjavik in 1998, after which the distance to the capital was reduced by 60 kilometers.

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