Jerusalem. Panorama of East Jerusalem

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is a five-star hotel with excellent architecture, built of traditional Jerusalem stone. It has rooms that offer a view of the Old City.

Despite the fact that the camera can rotate 360 degrees, it best shows East Jerusalem, as the rest of the city is hidden behind the hill. On the screen, we can see the walls of the Old City, as well as several famous buildings constructed behind these walls.

But for modern Jerusalem houses, we can see the Tower of David. This ancient citadel was built near the Jaffa Gate in the 2nd century BC. Throughout its history, the tower was repeatedly captured and destroyed, then rebuilt, so that only a certain hybrid of ancient construction has survived to this day.

The next architectural relic of Jerusalem is outside the walls of the Old City. This is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Mount Zion. It was built in 1910, on the site of the house of Apostle John the Theologian, next to the Room of the Last Supper.

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