Anacapri. Scoglio Ricotta

An excellent view from the island of Capri, on the rock of Ricotta and the Great Land, opens in front of us from Caesar Augustus. The hotel is built on the cliff of Fenicia, in the western part of the island, and the port and beaches that we see at the foot of the mountain are in another village, Marina Grande, Capri.

These places became inhabited back in the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. At that time, in the eastern part of the island, there were fishing ports. It is interesting that the embankment of the town has not changed for more than 100 years.

Two centuries ago, at the site of the modern hotel, Caesar Augustus, was a private house that famous intellectuals and artists of Italy liked to visit. Now, you can take one of the 49 luxury rooms here to comfortably spend your vacation.

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