Campobasso. Victor Emmanuel II Square

The main square of the Italian town of Campobasso was named after the king of the Sardinian kingdom, Victor Emanuel II. But the square has changed its name several times. In the 19th century, this place was known as Piazza Gioacchino Murat (Napoleon’s Marshal Joachim Murat Square) and Largo della Libera (after the small church located at the corner of the town hall).

The magnificent fountain we see in the center was opened on November 9, 1889. Trees are planted around the square, so tourists and locals can sit on the benches in their shade. The plain pattern of the square unites the palace of St. George with the houses opposite.

The camera is installed in the municipality of Campobasso, located in the historic building of Palazzo San Giorgio. This palace took 50 years to build and was solemnly opened, along with the adjacent church, in 1878. In addition to the square in front of the palazzo, tourists can discover the amazing inner courtyard of the palace, where the statue of St. George is located.

In the above-mentioned church of Santa Maria della Libera, you can see the statue of the thirteenth century, made in the Byzantine style. By miracle, it survived the major earthquake of 1895.

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