Gaeta. The Beach of Saint Augustin (Sant'Agostino)

This webcam is located in Gaeta, a beautiful city in central Italy. Gaeta lies in the Gulf of Gaeta, just some 120 kilometres from Rome, and is a very popular resort destination in summer time.

The city has 7 wonderful beaches. The Serapo Beach is the main one. The small Fontania Beach is located nearby Serapo Beach and features very beautiful sea views. Others are Beach of 40 Remi, Ariana Beach (awarded several times Blue Flag for its clear water), Arenauta Beach (also known as Beach of the 300 Steps), San Vito Beach and, finally, a beach in the bay of Saint Augustin (Sant’Agostino), which is captured by our webcam.

The beach of Saint Augustin has a 2-kilometres long coastline and is the longest and the most visited beach of Gaeta. This place is also very famous among mountaineers and climbers who practice here free climbing on a rocky side of beautiful Mount Moneta. The face of the mountain dominates the Plain of Saint Augustin with its legendary red cliffs. Here it is allowed to climb everywhere and anytime, except in the period of nesting of the peregrine falcon (from the 25th of February to the 15th of April).

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