Rosolina Mare. Beach Panorama

The Italian resort on the Adriatic Sea, Rosolina Mare, is located on the territory of the beautiful Po Delta National Park. Its name spells out the main feature of this park. Travelers have the opportunity to relax at two lakes.

The biosphere reserve, in the province of Veneto, is famous for the huge variety of flora and fauna representatives. Here, you can find more than 1,000 plants, and about 400 species of fish, reptiles, and other representatives of the aquatic world are found in the waters of the Po River.

This online camera is installed in a large tourist complex, Holiday Village Rosapineta Sud, which has guest apartments, bungalows, camping, and mobile houses. We can see the main beach of the resort, as well as explore the promenade in detail. The camera shows the tourist complex as well.

Near Holiday Village Rosapineta Sud there are forests and walking paths of the Po Delta Park.

Rosolina Mare village has gained worldwide popularity, thanks to the colonies of pink flamingos, which stay here at certain times of the year.

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