Sottomarina. Panorama of the Resort

The live broadcast of the Italian resort of Sottomarina perfectly conveys the atmosphere of such cities. On the screen, we can see a wide sandy beach of the Adriatic Sea coast, crowded streets of the city, as well as entertainment facilities, such as football pitches, swimming pools, an amusement park, and much more.

The camera is installed in a three-star hotel, Ambasciatori. It is not far from the beach. The rooms located on the upper floors offer stunning views of the Adriatic. Like any other large hotel, this one has a private zone—Ambasciatori, created specifically for hotel guests.

Double rooms in the hotel, breakfast included, cost 99 euros, so Ambasciatori is an affordable leisure option.

Tourists can visit the most famous attractions of the country in just a couple of hours. Venice, Chioggia, Florence, as well as the state of San Marino are situated near Sottomarina.

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