Venice. St. Mark's Square

Hotel Concordia is one of the few Venetian hotels that has a similar view from the windows of its rooms. You are not mistaken, on the screen we can see the famous St. Mark’s Square (or Piazza San Marco) in Venice.

But, the Concordia Hotel has earned a well-deserved 4 stars, due not only to its favorable location and excellent service, as its luxurious interiors and cuisine will surely please even the most capricious tourists. The cost of a room starts from 110 euros.

On the screen, we can see the museums and art galleries of the square, as well as the tower of the Chiesa di San Moisè church, in the background. In the left part of the picture, we can see the famous St. Mark’s Basilica which, like the square, was built in the 9th century. The original size of the square was smaller, but it was expanded in 1177, in connection with the meeting of Friedrich Barbarossa with Pope Alexander III.

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