Kyoto. Kyoto Station. Daikaidan Stairs

Kyoto Station is the largest transportation hub in the center of the Japanese city. The station building is the second largest in the whole country. It is not only the railway station, but also a shopping center, hotel, cinema, supermarket, and various shops.

The camera is installed in front of one of the most spectacular station facilities, at the bottom of the Daikaidan staircase. The elevation difference between the first stair and the 171st one is 35 meters! Every year, since 1998, a festive race is held on this grandiose staircase, equivalent in height to an 11-story building. The length of the stairs is 70 meters.

As you can see, LED lamps are installed on the stairs, thanks to which the stairs periodically turn into a giant screen. It is not surprising that Daikaidan is very popular with tourists and local couples in love.

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