Ōgaki. Kamiishizumidorinomura Park

Most cities in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu are surrounded by mountains. Ōgaki is no exception, as wooded mountain slopes are located to the east of this city. Locals prefer to spend their weekends in these mountains, as well as in the valleys between the peaks. We are in Kamiishizumidorinomura Park, which is situated between the slopes of Shogatake and Ryozen (the height of the mountains is about a kilometer above sea level).

The park has entertainment for both adults and children. The older generation prefers to spend time on golf courses and tennis courts.

For children, a lot of activities are organized in the park, such as various craft circles, interactive games, shows, and performances. You can always taste Japanese delicacies at the local fair.

The camera is installed in the central meadow of the park. You can see Japanese families who come here for a picnic. In the background, there is a stage where performances of local creative groups take place; and on weekends in the morning, coaches conduct gymnastics for everyone from this stage.

The site of the park has a visitor counter. Since the opening of the park in early 2007, it has been visited by more than 400,000 people.

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