Laikipia County. Mpala Research Center

Mpala is the research center of a wildlife fund, open under the mountain of Kenya, in the heart of the country. The lives of 7,000 elephants, zebra Grevi, and other inhabitants of Africa are watched there. Students and professors from all over the world come here to study the flora and fauna of Kenya, in detail.

The camera is installed on the bank of the Ewaso Ngiro River and at the watering place of hippos. Thanks to this and other points of observation, scientists can analyze the behavior of animals to preserve the population in the wild.

The research center was founded in the early 1950s, when Sam Mal purchased these lands in Laikipia County. Later, Sam bequeathed his legacy to his brother, who founded the Mpala Wildlife Foundation and the eponymous research center.

On the screen, you can see hippos, elephants, and other animals that come to the watering place to quench their thirst.

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