Bishkek. Töö-Ashuu Ski Resort

The ski resort, which you see on the screen, is built on the eponymous mountain pass Töö-Ashu, 130 kilometers from Bishkek. Kyrgyz slopes for skiers and snowboarders are located in the southern part of the pass, at an altitude of three kilometers above sea level.

Depending on the level of skiing, vacationers in Töö-Ashu can choose one of three routes:
Track 1 is 2600 meters long with a slope of 32 degrees;
Track 2 is 1800 meters long with a slope of 30 degrees;
Track 3 is 5 kilometers long with a slope of 19 degrees.

You can go both by well-equipped routes and snow-covered slopes. The second option is ideal for first-class freeriding. You can rise to the highest point of the ski resort by the only cableway, Töö-Ashu, with the capacity of 120 seats. The cost of a one-day ski pass is 800 soms (about 11 euros).

Since the base is located far from populated areas (along highway M41), there are cottages with 66 beds for the convenience of tourists. The simplest accommodation (a double room in the cottage) costs 5,700 Kyrgyz soms (about 75 euros).

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