Amsterdam. Singel Embankment

Singel is the name of the hotel from which we are looking at the canal of the same name and the embankment of the Dutch capital. The canal originates right at the central station of Amsterdam, so absolutely all the tourists who have ever visited this city are familiar with it. The canal flows into the Amstel River, near Müntplein Square.

If you want to see the same picture as this webcam broadcasts, you should book one of the rooms at the Singel Hotel. Depending on the class of the room and whether or not breakfast is included, the price varies from € 100 to € 150 per night.

The Singel Channel was originally a moat. At the time of its founding (the first half of the 15th century), the channel was called Stedegracht, which translates from Dutch as the City Channel. With the development of the city, the role of the Singel Channel has increased. In the 17th century, it got a new name—Koningsgracht or the Royal Channel.

On both sides of the canal, on its embankment, there are hotels and restaurants; most of the houses are inhabited by locals. Near Hotel Singel is one of the many attractions of Amsterdam, the Round Lutheran Church. The church, built in 1668-1671, was destroyed and burned several times, the last restoration was carried out in June 1994.

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