Genemuiden. The City Quay

North of the Netherlands is the community of Zwartewaterland. We are in a small town on the bank of the river, Zwarte Water, which translates as “Black Water”. The camera is installed in front of the channel, which enters the city from the river bed. As you can see, there are a lot of marinas for boats and yachts in the channel.

It is interesting that the sinister name of the river is in no way connected with black color. It goes back to another Dutch word meaning “limit”, meaning it is the final river on the mainland and flows into the salty Lake Ketelmer. Six bridges have been built over the 19-kilometer river.

Genemuiden, famous in the Netherlands for the production of carpets, chairs and pillows, is a quiet town with a population of about ten thousand people. Despite its centuries-old history, which began in 1275, Genemuiden doesn’t have architectural monuments because the city was burned several times (in 1625 and 1698, in 1740, in 1868 and in 1882).

On the screen, we can see a large parking lot in front of the pier. Around this parking lot, several cafes and restaurants of the city are open; and in the building from which we are looking at the channel and the pier, the municipality of Genemeiden is located. In the neighboring buildings, you can find a cultural center, a library and a fitness center.

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