Nouméa. Bahia Des Citron

The island of New Caledonia is very picturesque. Tourists can come to any corner of the country and enjoy their holidays on the shores of the Coral Sea. One of the most charming places is the peninsula where Noumea, the largest city of New Caledonia, is built.

The camera is set on the edge of the land, next to the famous Rocher à la voile rock, the Aquarium of the Lagoons, and the Bahia Des Citron. In the background, you can see Be de l’Orfelina, the main bay of the resort, where the ferry marinas of Noumea are located.

Bahia des Citron used to be called Styx Cove (after the old ship). The new name was given after lemon trees growing on the coast before 1900. There are no lemon trees there now.

There is road along the bay, and the coast is an ideal place for walking because the beach is fenced off from the dusty street by thickets of tall trees and shrubs. In the center, we can see the main beach of the bay, and on the right side are shopping centers, restaurants, breweries, cafes, and hotels.

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