Picton. The Coast

On the waterfront, where we are now, Picton’s tourism and sightseeing agencies are located. Some of them offer leisurely boat trips along the region gulfs, and others invite visitors to receive a shot of adrenaline in the raft races.

If you walk a little to the left of the building, from which we are looking at the bay, you can find yourself in a small but cozy city park.

In the center of the screen you can seen the small island of Mabel, which is right on the border of two bays – the bay of Picton and Shakespeare Bay, which washes the shores of the town of Shakespeare Bay.

In the building where the camera is installed, there is The Diversion Gallery. The works of local artists and the best representatives of this art form from all over New Zealand are exhibited there. The gallery owner does not like to work on weekends, but if you are eager to visit the gallery, simply call 0274 408 121 to arrange a time to view the exhibit.

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