Guvåg. Esefjorden

The northern village of Guvåg, in Norway, consists of several houses and the Guvåghytta tourist base, built in 1999. Only a few dozen people live here.

The webcam is directed toward the Esefjorden and the Guvåg coast. On the coast, you can see the skerries, an archipelago consisting of small rocky islands. The length of the Eysfjord is more than 25 kilometers. Many small villages, similar to the Guvåg, have been built along its shores, and all of them belong to the Vesterålen fylke Nurland.

The name of the fjord is in no way associated with the ice, most likely it translates as “fjord with many owners.” The first name of the fjord was Fantastic Herring Fjord because in the second half of the 18th century, fishing actively developed here, and the main catch in the Esefjorden was herring.

Esefjorden is near the village of Fröskelann, which since 1997 has had the status of a town.

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