Lillestrøm. View of the City from the Municipality

The Swedish city of Lillestrøm is on your screens. On the right side of the screen we can see Lillestrøm terminal bus station. The camera is set up by the Municipality of Skedsmo commune. The classic design of the municipal building is perfectly supplemented by the high tower, from the top floors of which we can observe the city.

The circular motion in front of the municipality is formed at the intersection of Brogata and Jonas Lies gate. In the same area are the main buildings of the ministries and departments of the city: Lillestrøm police station, NAV Skedsmo Employment Center, Samfundet cultural center.

Within walking distance, Lillestrøm stasjon (a railway station) is situated, and the area that we see on the screen is a major transport interchange hub of the city. The railway leads to the nearest big city of Oslo, as well as to the north and east of the country.

Despite the fact that Lillestrøm is considered a small city even by Norwegian standards (and the word “Lillestrøm” means “small farm”), it has its own airport and several major highways.

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