Nittedal. Hauger Golf Club

Hauger Golf Club is located 20 kilometers to the northeast of the Norwegian capital. Professionals play here but there are also courses for beginners. In addition, there is a golf equipment shop and a restaurant on site. The cost of playing golf is about 60 euros per day.

The live webcast shows us the weather in Nitededal, as well as the natural beauty of Norway. We can see only a small part of the golf course, which includes a diverse landscape, small ponds, and country roads convenient for golf carts.

Golf is still considered an elite sport, but not in places like Akershus county. A summer camp is open at the Hauger Club. Schoolchildren are taught the basics of the game of golf, and the best of them start playing golf on a regular basis. The cost of a week stay in the children’s camp of the golf club is 1,695 NOK (about 177 euros).

The club was opened in 1988, and today, it includes 1,400 permanent members, among whom are children, women, and pensioners.

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