Stavanger. Panorama of the Coast

The observation cam on the bank of Stavanger is installed in the historic Valberg Tower near the harbor. The tower has a height of almost 30 meters, it is also built on a high hill, so it offers a wonderful view. The camera shows us the classic Norwegian urban development, as well as several modern buildings and structures, such as the Stavanger Konserthus (a concert hall) or the GMC Yard shipyard.

The tower from which we are watching the panorama of the embankment, was built in the middle of the 19th century and was originally used as a fire station. It replaced the old wooden structure, which stood in Stavanger for almost 200 years. Now, the Watchman’s Museum is open in the Valberg Tower.

Stavanger is interesting for tourists, especially as the oil capital of Norway. Thanks to this, the city is constantly developing and improving its infrastructure. But, tourists come here not only for new and old attractions. They come to picturesque lakes, which are popular places of recreation. One of them, Lake Breivatnet, is located right in the center of the city and two others (Mosvatnet and Stockkavatnet) are behind it.

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