Bârlad. Prince's Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

We are in the center of the Romanian town of Bârlad, located in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Moldova. The population of the town is about 50,000 people; young people are moving to the capital (Bucharest) or other European countries, so in the coming years, the population is likely to decrease.

The camera is installed in the town hall, at the intersection of December 1, 1918 Street and the Republic Boulevard. We can see not only car traffic in the town center, but also a few attractions of Bârlad, the main of which is the Prince’s Assumption Church.

This historical architectural monument of Romania was built in the early 1840s. Right behind the church is a small garden, as well as Victoria Square. On the opposite side of Republic Boulevard, we can see the Cultural Center and the high-rise apartment building, behind which is Premier Hotel.

Despite its modest size, Bârlad has more than a dozen attractions, such as the National College, many thematic museums, churches, old houses, statues, monuments, as well as the zoo, planetarium, and fortress of 1476.

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