Brașov. Panorama of the City

In front of us is one of the largest cities in Romania, located in perhaps the most picturesque place of the country, surrounded by the Postăvarul mountain range. The panorama of Brașov is more like an Alpine resort of Switzerland or Austria. This impression is created not only by nature but also by the magnificent architecture of the city.

The main attractions of Brașov are its churches. On the right, we can see the main one, the Black Church. Built in 1380, it is also known as the Church of St. Mary. The Gothic monument of architecture got a new name after the fire of 1689, after which many elements of the church have remained in soot and ashes. We can see a bell tower which is 65-meters high.

Other interesting sites of Brașov are the oldest church of the city, the church of St. Bartholomew, built in 1223, and the church of St. Nicholas, built in 1495.

Having explored the religious landmarks, tourists usually go to the old city gates of Catherine and the gate of Schei.

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