Gustavia. Panorama of the Capital

This Paradise island, with sandy beaches, bays where expensive yachts moor, and expensive hotels, is an overseas territory of France. We are on the island of St. Barthelemy, in its capital Gustavia.

The camera is set on a high hill, in the northern part of the town. From here, you can see an amazing panorama of almost the entire island. Right below us is the Gulf of Corossol, and the houses on the right side of the screen are built in the eponymous area of the town.

Right behind Corossol Bay is the Industrial Zone of Gustavia, the main and only airport of the island, and the center of the town. There are about 7,000 permanent residents, but a lot of tourists come to St. Barthelemy. It is not surprising that the economy of Gustavia and the entire community of the island is based on tourism. The tropical climate and the average temperature of 26-29° C, throughout the year, allows Gustavia to welcome guests all year round.

The town is named after the Swedish king Gustav III. Until 1785, Gustavia had been called Carénage. But for the magnificent beaches, there are several architectural monuments, mainly the Anglican churches of the mid-19th century.

In the background, we can see the town center, built on a small peninsula. There is also the main seaport of St. Barthelemy.

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