Gustavia. Saint-Jean Airdrome

The only airport on the island of Saint-Barthélemy is known by several names — Saint-Jean, Gustav III, and Saint-Barthelemy Airport.

As you can see, the runways of the airfield can receive only small aircraft. That’s why a significant number of St. Barthelemy tourists are wealthy people. In order to get to the island, you first have to fly to the neighboring island of Saint-Martin and then to Gustavia on a small plane.

The airport is geographically located within the boundaries of Saint-Jean, but the distance to any settlement of the island is very short, so the hotel can be easily booked anywhere on the Caribbean coast.

The concrete runway is 650 meters long. The camera shows the western edge of it, behind which there is aircraft and the airport itself. The average capacity of the airport is 20 people per flight.

It is interesting that at the very end of the runway, there is the beach of Saint-Jean Bay, where there are a lot of prohibition signs warning about the danger of planes taking off. Nevertheless, every visitor to the island, who wants to get an adrenaline rush, falls on the sand and looks at the “belly” of the plane leaving Saint-Barthelemy.

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