Gustavia. Port

There are many small peninsulas forming bays and harbors on the shores of Saint Barthelemy. The main city port of the island is built on one of them. The camera in the port of Gustavia shows us elite yachts, houses, shops, hotels, and even mosques around the port, as well as the old fort of Karl Gustav.

As you can see, the port is quite compact; huge cruise liners cannot enter it, so nothing bothers local millionaires. The nearest beach, Grand Galet, is located just behind the hill (we can see it in the center), where the fortress used to be.

The port of Gustavia is open all year round from 7 am to 6 pm. Here, shipowners can get:

  • fresh water, at a price of 2 eurocent per liter;
  • free internet via Wi-Fi;
  • trash containers;
  • first-aid post.

A cargo port was also built at Saint-Barthelemy, which provides the island with the necessary products. It is located just north of the marina, which you see on the screen.

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