Gustavia. Saint-Jean District

The area of St. Barthelemy Island is only 21 km², with less than 10,000 people living in several localities. However, there is a large football field.

The island used to be part of the overseas department of France, so it is not surprising that the traditions of the development of this particular sport have been preserved. Near the football field, you can see several sports grounds, in particular, tennis courts and swimming pools.

From the high hill that separates the north and south coast of the island, we are looking at the Saint-Jean district, where the best Saint-Barthelemy hotels are built. We can see several attractions of the island, such as a small airport, Saint-Jean Bay , and a couple of neighboring uninhabited islands, Chevreau and Frégate.

There are several car rental offices at St. Barthelemy, so travelers can explore the entire island, at least where there is a road. Most of these companies are close to the airport.

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