Belgrade. Republic Square

The center of Belgrade is Republic Square. We are looking at the center of the Serbian capital from the eastern part of the square. In the foreground of the image is Macedonska Street, along which you can reach Republic Square either by private or public transport.

In the summer months, well-groomed flower beds bloom on the square, we can see them on the left side of the screen. On the right is the main attraction of the square, the monument to Mikhail Obrenovic, erected on this place in 1882. It is dedicated to the expulsion of the Turks from Serbia, which is why the towns left by Ottomans are represented on the pedestal. At that time, the sculpture became the first monument in the country depicting the horse figure of the ruler. Work on the monument had begun eight years before its opening.

The construction of the modern square was preceded by the demolition of the Istanbul Gate in 1866 and the construction of the National Theater three years later. Unfortunately, the great architectural heritage of the 19th and 20th centuries was destroyed during the Second World War.

Now, you can visit the National Museum of Belgrade, located behind the monument to Mikhail Obrenovic, the National Theater, the Cultural Center of Belgrade, and many shopping centers and shops built around the square.

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