Dolný Kubín. Ski Resort Kubínska Hoľa

We can see the base of a small ski resort in the north of Slovakia. Kubínska hoľa slopes are here, in Dolný Kubín. The slope of the mountain, along which tourists go up in one of several ski lifts, is divided into two parts.

A couple of lifts go to the intermediate point of the resort at a height of 1 kilometer above sea level, and then, another lift brings you to the top of Čergov Mountain, at a mark of 1,400 meters. There is also a direct way, on a comfortable chair lift, right from the bottom to the top station.

For the convenience of the resort guests, Hotel Green has been built right at the lift. Not far from the top station of the cableway, there is a memorial to the victims of avalanches.

Direct and wide slopes, in the opinion of Kubínska hoľa, is a plus for a ski resort, but it is arguable. In any case, € 24 per day (a price of a season ticket, available only on the site of the complex) is an excellent option for use of 14 kilometers of trails in the Žilina region.

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