Seoul. Panorama of the City from Mount Namsan

From Mount Namsan, an excellent panorama of the capital of South Korea opens to us. The camera is installed in the famous Seoul TV tower. The 236-meter tower was built in 1971, and since then, it has been the highest building in the city. It is noteworthy that the tower was the first in the country to provide both television and radio broadcasting.

Now, the Seoul TV tower provides the work of such famous mass media as KBS, MBC and SBS. For tourists, the tower has become one of the most important sights because a viewing platform on it offers magnificent panoramas of Seoul. In addition, the building has a revolving restaurant, with panoramic windows. Don’t worry about your vestibular apparatus because the restaurant revolves around the tower in 48 minutes.

You can ascend Mount Namsan along the paths and on the funicular, another attraction of Seoul. Almost 9 million tourists rise to the tower every year. At night, the Seoul TV tower is illuminated by bright lights and serves as a magnificent background for memorable photos.

In clear weather, you can see the mountains in the background, as well as the architectural ensemble of Seoul, in which both low-rise buildings and high-rise modern buildings are present.

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