A Coruna. View to the Harbour

This webcam is located in the city of La Coruna, which is a prospering Galician seaport and the home city of the worldwide famous clothing company Zara.

The city itself, as well as its surrounding territories, can offer the tourists many well-maintained beaches. Local weather together with the sea provide perfect conditions for swimming and surfing.

La Coruna is a wonderful tourist destination for those of us who prefer to combine slow and lazy beach vacations with some interesting sightseeing program. The city’s old part has so many cultural and architectural monuments that you will hardly feel disappointed.

If you plan to spend more than just a few days in La Coruna, then renting a car should be considered more than seriously. It will give you full freedom and help to explore all of the local beauties and places of interest. You can make a trip to the small and charming Galician towns in the neighborhood and enjoy their unforgettable atmosphere and cuisine.

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